Software Engineer - Internship - DevSecOps pipelines & tools

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Software Engineer - Internship - DevSecOps pipelines & tools

Job description

About YOOI

We strongly believe that companies can do much more with their data (Data Science, Machine Learning, AI… you name it!), and as such our mission is to help companies to become successful data-driven organizations.

To support this, we are building a platform, enabling enterprises to plan and execute their data strategy,

develop actionable assets from their data, and helping them managing & putting their data in use.

We also deeply believe that human is the key factor of data projects success, that's why we put

collaboration as the center pillar of our platform.

Here are a few facts about us:

  • We are currently 10 people.
  • We benefit from a lot of experience in data & data science projects as well as enterprise customers and have access to a large network of senior advisors.
  • We are moving fast, while caring about excellence: from User Experience to Code, details matter.

What will you be doing ?

Our platform currently operates on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud provider by leveraging many of its services like AWS ECS (to operate Docker containers), AWS RDS (using Redis and PostgreSQL database), AWS Lambda (serverless Node.js functions), …

We are using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach and using CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) pipelines to permit to automatize deployments triggered by developers push into our Git repository.

We are using different tools to achieve that:

  • Terraform is used for IaC
  • CI and CD pipelines are implemented with AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CloudWatch monitors the deployments
  • RenovateBot help us to proactively update 3rd party dependencies
  • NPM advisories are used to audit 3rd party dependencies security issues

However, we have identified a lot of limitation on our current implementation:

  • pipelines are not optimal: we need to determine a better IaC code source organization, determine clear and comprehensible requirements/deliverables of each pipeline steps, …
  • monitoring is terrible: AWS CloudWatch is too limited, we need to study a better solution (eg. ELK, Prometheus, DataDog, …)
  • the security toolchain needs to be greatly improved by adding static and dynamic analysis tools (eg Snyk, Nessus, Sqreen, …)

The internship will consist to:

  • Learn how the platform is architecture, implemented and deployed on AWS
  • Define the basis of the next generation of our deployment, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and security toolchain
  • Incrementally implement, test and optimize the solution

Job requirements

The internship will give you the opportunity to work on a top-notch cloud provider and on a modern SaaS architecture. The DevSecOps expertise is sought after and valued by IT companies. For YOOI it will permit to enforce its engineering process and the maturity of its platform.

The internship is paid:

  • 800 € / month if you are in the 1st year of the engineering cursus
  • 1000 € / month if you are in the 2nd year of the engineering cursus
  • 1200 € / month if you are in the 3rd year of the engineering cursus (end of study project)

You can choose to work remotely or from one of our 2 locations:

  • Our headquarter is based in Paris, in one the hippest neighborhood (food enthusiasts & bar lovers … brace yourself!)
  • ... and we have a nice office in Lyon, very near Part-Dieu & Brotteaux

Both those locations are in great neighborhoods & also happen to be very convenient to reach.

Want to know more? Have questions? You like it, but feel like you could bring something different than

this internship description? Don't hesitate to reach to us, we will be happy to discuss!